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Most classes are available for children and adults. Please contact us to inquire about the levels and refer to the schedule below



Our ballet classes follow the traditional​ training at the barre, center work and choreography. Students learn ballet vocabulary and practice controlling their movements in a graceful manner.

Hip Hop

The rhythm, the steps, the athleticism and the swag are the focus of this class. Students learn how to let loose while remaining in control of their body.


Students learn to understand music and how to use their body to express their emotions while connecting with a song. This genre also tap into some modern and ballet techniques.

Haitian Folklore

Traditional Haitian dance where students learn stories of Haiti through movements. Emotions and rhythm are cultivated in each learner.

Kreyol Zumba

This class is for those who despise the gym but still enjoy a good workout. Using Rabòday (Haitian upbeat music style) students will get moving and burn those calories while having fun.


Popular African dance that is a mix of African music with Western-pop. The dance moves are inspired by West African dance and modern pop. This genre is very upbeat with a unique flavor brought by quick moves of the feet and slowmo of the hips.

Dance Team

Students must earn their invitation to the dance after filling out the requirements.

The announcement of new members is announced annually at the anniversary gala of the studio.